Adams Foodservice: Empowering change

Adams Foodservice: Empowering change

Adams Foodservice claimed the sustainable wholesaler crown at Confex’s annual awards

Beating fierce competition to take the title of Confex’s Green Wholesaler of the Year at its annual awards, Adams Foodservice wowed the judges with its commitment to sustainability.

The specialist catering foodservice wholesaler, which has eight depots across the UK, demonstrated its commitment to building a greener, more resilient future by embedding sustainability measures across all of its operations, including a vital element: employee engagement.

“By sharing our sustainability initiatives and goals with the whole Adams Foodservice team, we see brilliant results,” said Mohammed Kola, Finance Director. “In addition to sharing our plans, we also run comprehensive carbon literacy training programmes and these provide employees with the knowledge and tools to effect meaningful change.”

To create sustainable change, the team focused initially on energy. “Efficient energy management lies at the core of our sustainability strategy,” said Mohammed.

“We leverage sophisticated tools such as the Energy 360 platform from British Gas which provides real-time insight into our energy usage, enabling us to take proactive measures to optimise consumption and identify areas for improvement.”

The wholesaler also recognised the potential of renewable energy sources, and invested in solar panels on its larger distribution depots. Facilities Manager Rizwan Butt oversaw the installation: “These panels not only offset energy costs but also significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Looking forward, we are exploring additional renewable sources such as air source heat pumps and turbines to further enhance our sustainability profile.”


The team has also collaborated with Eve Transport to improve transport logistics, reduce food miles, and drive efficiency with route planning and load optimisation.

Waste management is also integral to Adams Foodservice’s sustainability efforts, achieving an impressive 98% recycling rate, while the business also promotes sustainability across the supply chain by prioritising local suppliers and advocating for local produce.

And that’s not all. The wholesaler is also partnering with institutions such as Leeds Trinity University to pioneer advanced continuous improvement initiatives to further enhance its carbon reduction efforts.

“We are a testament to the transformative power of sustainable business practices,” said Mohammed Kola, finance director. “By prioritising efficiency, innovation and accountability, the company is not only leading by example but also shaping the future of sustainable business in the foodservice industry.”


Adams Foodservice were chosen as the winner because they have accurately calculated their carbon footprint and taken steps across all areas of the business to achieve net zero.

All staff receive ESG training so there is very much a culture in the entire workforce embracing sustainability and energy reduction.”