Parfetts invests for greener depots

Parfetts invests for greener depots

To drastically reduce its carbon footprint and generate cost savings that help to drive value, Parfetts is rolling out LED lighting and solar panels at its depots across the UK

The programme sees new LED lighting installed in Halifax and Sheffield, with Anfield to follow. Adding to existing solar panels at Halifax, installation is now complete in Sheffield, Anfield and Stockport depots.

The LED lighting will offer energy efficiency, longer lifespan, durability, and low heat emission. Investment in solar panels will see Parfetts benefit from a reduction in energy charges from 72p per unit (daytime rate) to 16.5p per unit.

Parfetts is also seeking greener mobility options, with 5% of its corporate fleet currently comprising electric vehicles, and new investment being made in a routing system that will reduce emissions from daily deliveries.

Commenting on the investment, Guy Swindell, joint managing director of Parfetts, said: “Parfetts is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and is investing in the latest technologies to deliver rapid change. The move to LED lighting, solar panels and greener mobility will deliver significant savings that will help us deliver great value to our customers and maintain their margins in a tough economic environment.”