Savona Foodservice rolls out 100% electric vehicles

Savona Foodservice rolls out 100% electric vehicles

Customers in North Devon and Oxford are now receiving their orders from Savona Foodservice in pioneering dual-temperature vehicles which are 100% electric – the first of their kind in the UK and Europe

“Much time, effort and investment has gone into getting the spec and design of these vehicles right” says Darren Holloway, Director of Central Operations, Savona. “The Maxus e – Deliver 9 vehicles are unique because the gross vehicle weight is uplifted from 3.5 to 4 tonnes, thereby compensating for the additional weight of the batteries. This allows the vehicle to provide a pay load of 1.2 tonnes, with dual temperature compartments and cover a range of 100 miles.”

Compared to diesel vehicles, the electric vans will save 24,960 of carbon per year (based on a range of 120 miles per day, 6 days per week).

The decision to introduce these vehicles goes hand in hand with the selection of an energy provider that uses 100% renewable energy, which in itself, has removed 12% of Savona’s total carbon emissions.

“Protecting our local environment means as much to our customers as it does to us”, comments Kelly Williams, Director. “This is just the beginning of our vehicle replacement program, and we’re proud to be innovators in our industry for the good of the planet”.

This is just one area of focus in Savona’s sustainability journey to reach net zero. They have already adopted other practices and systems including eliminating single-use plastics, implementing a new warehouse management system and ePod devices to reduce paper use and encouraging customers to purchase eco-conscious brands and sustainable products.