Thomas Ridley diverts 99% of waste away from landfill

Thomas Ridley diverts 99% of waste away from landfill

Foodservice wholesaler Thomas Ridley has revealed it is successfully diverting 99% of its waste from going into landfill

The Country Range Group member is committed to taking positive environmental action with its own operations and encouraging its customers to doing the same – and targeted waste going to landfill as a key part of this.

Thomas Ridley’s environmental work doesn’t stop there, though. The wholesaler has also fitted its warehouse with 400 solar panels to reduce the amount of power required – saving 21 tonnes of CO2 emissions so far.

In 2021, Thomas Ridley recycled more than 150 tonnes of cardboard and 24 tonnes of plastic, generated by the wholesaler and its customers.

Supporting customers to meet their environmental goals is also of key importance and, thanks to a partnership with Arrow Oils, 300,000 litres of cooking oil were repurposed into biodiesel, with more than 400 customers participating in this particular scheme.

“As a company, we have set ourselves a plan of action to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Commercial Director Paul Knight.

“As part of this overall plan, we aim to help our customers in their environmental action as well, and we take back used cooking oil as well as packaging and dispose/recycle these items.

“It’s important to us that we offer additional services to our customers and as well as assisting with oil and recycling, we also offer features such as Allergen Check, a tool that identifies allergens in items ordered and helps customers to navigate food information regulations.

“In addition, we believe we have the easiest online ordering you will find; it sounds simple but it really is important that our customers can order with speed and ease.”